Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Checklist:
Maintain your equipment to prevent future problems and unwanted costs. Keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having Cleworth Conditioning Central Jersey perform annual pre-season check-ups. To remember, you might plan the check-ups around the time changes in the spring and fall.

Listed are the items performed on our 13 point check up for the heating and air conditioning seasons:

1. Check thermostat operation
2. Lubricate blower motor
3. Inspect and clean flame rod sensor
4. Check filter, clean or replace(excluding electronic air cleaner or media air cleaner filters)
5. Inspect blower wheel
6. Check furnace venting
7. Clean and adjust pilot light
8. Visual inspection of furnace heat exchanger
9. Inspect and clean main burner assembly
10. Clean burner compartment
11. Check furnace cycle
12. Check temperature rise
13. Clean drains on hi efficiency furnaces if accessible

Air Conditioning:
1. Check refrigerant charge
2. Check thermostat operation
3. Inspect condenser coil surface
4. Oil condenser fan motor
5. Check refrigerant systems superheat and sub cooling
6. Check temperature drop across the coil
7. Check fuses
8. Check electrical contacts and disconnect
9. Lubricate blower motor
10. Check air filter, clean or replace (excluding electronic air cleaner or media air cleaner filters)
11. Clean drains if accessible
12. Check capacitors and contactors
13. Clean debris from outside condenser

For more information regarding our annual maintenance or to schedule an appointment please contact us @ (732)297-4841 or click here.